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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

Today I came to conclusion that Snapeís interest in Voldemort and DE is a lot like Dumblerdoreís fascination with Grindewald .
- Both , DD and Snape were young, smart and also somewhat naÔve. They wanted to be a part of something greater so much that they didnít see or didnít want to see how wrong it really was;
- Both put a lot of time and work in their new ventures they forgot what was really important, DD neglected his sister, Snape ruined his friendship with Lily;
- Both came to their senses when they lost someone important (or in Snapeís case, when he realized he may lose someone important to him - I noticed that many of you refer to Lilyís death was a turning point for Snape. I think it wasnít really her death but awareness that nothing will stop LV from killing Lily if he have to do this. After all, he came to DD, promising anything for protection of Potters before that eventful night, and I think that this meeting on the hill was his turning point and personally believe that even if Potters didnít die heíd remain on a good side .
Of course, there were many differences, for example Grindewald found DD as smart as he was, whereas LV he was too self-absorbed to treat anyone as equal although he valued Snapeís skills and knowledge.
Maybe thatís why DD took Snape under his wings and always trusted him. He saw himself in Snape and knew that everyone makes mistakes when theyíre young.

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