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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

Originally Posted by JohanT View Post
Well, just because he does not practice the Dark Arts does not mean that he is not still interested in them. The Dark Arts are only truly "dark" if a person uses it in a harmful way. I think Snape's passion for them has not vanished, but he does not pursue them because of Lily. His guilt about Lily's death and his dedication to bringing down Voldemort are his main driving forces, but this does not mean that his attraction to the dark side has completely vanished. I think the opposite actually, that it is still very much present. Snape will never be a "white" wizard, he will always be a "grey" one.
There's no objective evidence I know of in the text, though, to indicate that Snape retained an interest in the Dark Arts for their own sake. As far as I can tell from the text, his interest after turning to Dumbledore is in finding ways to defeat the Dark Arts - as he does, for example, when Dumbledore puts on the ring horcrux and Snape literally puts "a stopper on death" by temporarily confining the fatal curse to Dumbledore's hand.

Anyone who can Defend Against the Dark Arts at that high a level of expertise must, I think, also understand them deeply. But that does not mean that he has any desire to practice them. And it is practicing them, not studying them in order to defeat them, that makes a wizard Dark imo.


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