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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by SoOriginal View Post
See, that's where I can't bring myself to like Harry - or even excuse him for being a kid. He invaded a man's privacy - and why? Because he wasn't pleasant to him? From Snape's point of view - if THAT doesn't prove that young Mr Potter believes at some level that the world must go around him, then what would?
While it would be off-topic to get into an extended discussion of Harry's motive here, I never read it that Harry looked in the Pensieve because Snape was unpleasant to him, but because of natural curiosity.

Yes, he still shouldn't have done it. Yes, I expect Snape genuinely believes that Harry did it through malice, but I think it is still indicative of a part of Snape's personality that always wants to put the worst construction on what Harry does.

Even if you want to dismiss that as Snape acting out of angst and not behaving like an adult - IMO, Snape was scared that Harry saw his memories. He was obviously hiding a lot in that Pensieve in case Harry broke through the barriers in his mind. He was hiding all those memories with Lily in them. He was hiding his love for a 15-year-old student's mother in there
But Harry also had things in his memories that he was frightened and embarrassed about Snape accessing (startlingly similar things to what Snape wishes to hide, actually - humiliating memories of having been bullied and intimate, romantic memories of his feelings for a girl which he desperately wishes to remain private), and yet Snape didn't give him the chance to hide them in a Pensieve.

To me, that is a flaw in Snape's personality - he cannot accept that a teenager's feelings and fears should be taken as seriously as an adult's and he cannot conceive of the fact that Harry, in particular, might have undergone things in his short life which are as hurtful and serious as the things he himself has gone through and that he has a right to privacy, too.

For me, part of Snape's tragedy is that he is so busy trying to see James in Harry (the James who, through no fault of his own, had a golden childhood with adoring parents, was hugely popular with his peer group and faced no serious danger or unpleasantness) that he fails to see that Harry's experiences are far more like his own.

When Harry found Draco in the bathroom - surely, someone who's seen as much as Harry Potter has should know that attacking the boy who was in THAT bad a shape with a curse he knew NOTHING about wasn't the smartest decision? Snape did what he had to as a teacher. Minerva would have done the same. Dumbledore didn't quite protest because I'm sure he agreed with Snape at some level, IMHO. That the 'detention' was to copy out the misdeed of his father and godfather might just have to show Mr Potter that even his beloved role-models - who, everyone knows Snape isn't fond of - even they didn't do something that ridiculous to a fellow student. JMO.
I don't entirely agree with that. Yes, I agree that Snape had to punish Harry, but I feel that he was deliberately sadistic in the punishment he chose. I cannot believe that McGonagall or Dumbledore would have chosen the same punishment (although they would undoubtedly have punished Harry) and I think the "malicious smile on his lips", the fact he "sneered" and the sarcastic words he used when he sets the punishment "It must be such a comfort to think that, though they are gone, a record of their great achievements remains..." (remember that Sirius has been dead less than a year when he says this and Harry's pain is still raw) suggest that his intention in setting this punishment is malice, not any benevolent plan to educate Harry.

IMHO, just because Snape isn't all rainbows and butterflies does not make him a bad person - at all
I totally agree. I love Snape. But I love him because he makes mistakes, lets his feelings get the better of him and behaves very badly, in a very human way. I would find him far less interesting if I believed that everything he did could be explained away and justified.

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