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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by LyraLovegood
Also, I agree with Tenshi: when Snape said "for him?" and then conjured the doe Patronus, what I think he was saying was "no, not for him, for Lily, because you made me promise to protect the boy for Lily, and my other choice would have been going to Azkaban for being a Death Eater."
I also agree. That "for him?" line was very dismissive of any feelings for Harry, imo. I'm not seeing it as denial or Snape trying to cover up having grown to care about Harry. Just doesn't seem in his character to me.
If that were the case, did he taunt Hermione a way to hide his admiration for her intelligence?

We all know Snape didn't wear his heart of his sleeves. But I don't think he put disguises on his heart either. If he didn't like you, his actions said so (i.e. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, James, Sirius, Lupin...); if he respected you, his actions said so (i.e. Dumbledore, perhaps Minerva); if he loved you, his actions said so (i.e. Lily).

Originally Posted by SoOriginal View Post
I disagree. Canon is quite clear on the fact that - till the very end when Harry learns of Snape's motives - Harry hated Snape, consistently and thoroughly. His judgments of the man were coloured - even when he trusted everything else that Dumbledore said, Harry never could get over his hatred of Snape. Although I wouldn't really hold it against him - he was a kid afterall - but Snape isn't Dumbledore to react to such raw emotion with a smile and a lemon drop. We wouldn't love him so much if he did
And I think it can be equally argued that Snape hated Harry consistently and thoroughly. Yes, Harry did indeed hate Snape--but he hated Snape because Snape hated him first. Snape treated Harry like dirt from the very first class (first encounter) with him. How else was Harry supposed to react? Harry knew nothing about Snape's true motivations (i.e. protecting him in honor of Lily) until the very end of DH. While Harry has to be excused somewhat because he is a kid, I also think his ill-feelings toward Snape were understandable and justified, considering how Snape treated him from day one.
Harry was a kid who didn't know what was truly going on. What's Snape's excuse? Holding an unfair grudge against Harry because of who his father and godfather were. I don't think that's very noble. JMO.

Originally Posted by SoOrginal
IMHO, it would have hurt Snape quite a bit to keep 'seeing' Lily's child - it might be a twisted way of thinking, but he needed something to counteract the hurt with an emotion he was more used to showing outwardly - and Harry being a photocopy of James just made that easier. But, even that was only initial I think. After OoTP and the occlumency lessons, I think Snape did feel for Harry at some level, even if he didn't like him.
But then, I have a hard time thinking so because if he did develop some type of feeling, even the smallest inkling of caring, I think he would have continued those Occlumency lessons. Snape's allowing his anger/annoyance get in the way of continuing Occlumency is inexcusable to me. It ended with terrible consequences (Sirius' death). A part of me wants to hope that a part of Snape felt guilty about this, but considering how much he hated Sirius, I doubt it. Especially since in HBP, Snape was kind enough to make Harry, a mourning kid, go through old files of deceased father and recently deceased godfather for detention (a part of the book that still just makes me cringe on behalf of Harry; that was just too low).

That Severus doesn't play fair at all, imo.

Originally Posted by SoOriginal
Letting them die in return for Lily's life, and enjoying or being comfortable with killing and torture are two different things, IMO.
I agree. They're two different things. But the problem I see is that I think Snape, at some point, was ok with both.

Originally Posted by SoOriginal
DE Snape would have happily made that bargain - but he would have eventually gone down the RAB road.
This is debatable.
I have a feeling that this would have depended on one thing: Whether Lily lived or died. Lily died, Snape was hurt and insulted, so he switched sides. If Lily lived and he had gotten what he asked for, I'm always wondering what would have become of Snape. I think he may have remained a DE. Then again, perhaps Lily would have been able to make Snape change for the better. However, if Lily ever found out that Snape held some of the blame in getting her husband and child killed, she would have wanted nothing to do with him. So maybe he would have stuck to his DE ways, just as he did when Lily decided she wanted nothing to do with him in their later years at Hogwarts.

Originally Posted by SoOriginal
Professor Snape, though, would have killed himself a million times on the inside before he made a choice between two lives - I think he grew up to be someone who understands the value of life, and even more, the value of saving lives.
And there's hope for Snape yet! lol
Yes, I'd say he learned the value of life, mainly because of Lily's death. Lily's death probably made him not fear his own death, which I think could have been a factor that permitted him to agreeing to risking his life by playing both sides. I'm not saying Snape was suicidal, just accepting of what happened and his mistakes to the point that he was willing to risk everything in an attempt to "redeem" himself.

Originally Posted by SoOriginal
But does that mean he couldn't care less about what happened to Harry? Why would he keep sending Phineas to check up on him then? Why did he go out of his way to 'help protect' Harry Potter? And if he was only grudgingly fulfilling a promise - why then did he make more? To protect the whole of Hogwarts after Dumbledore was gone? If he didn't care for Harry he could have just run away and hide somewhere - wallow in self pity about losing Lily and not be able to save her kid because he had to die anyway!
The other side of the argument would be that Snape didn't care at all for Harry, but he cared so very much for Lily that he did all of that because he knew it's what she would have wanted. That's what I believe.
I think Snape saw "playing the good guy" as the only way to get redemption from his past actions that ultimately got the love of his life killed.

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