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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by FutureAuthor13 View Post
Sure, no problems.

Snape's a very complicated person, so I think he was feeling a variety of different emotions at this time ("For him?!"), some including:

Shock due to the information Dumbledore has suddenly revealed.
Anger because I think Snape hated it when innocent people had to die.
Guilt due to discovering he has to lead Harry to his death.
I agree, that he was probably thinking this after Dumbledore´s words. But he stated before that he doesn´t like the idea of sacrificying Harry, so why should he suddenly pussyfoot around. Dumbledore ask a question. Snape gave a straight answer. He even produced the stag and got all teary eyes to emphasize that it´s all about Lily.

Denial because I think, sadly, Snape never got over his rivalry with James Potter and did not even want to admit to himself that he could ever care for James Potter's son.

Just my opinion.
"Care for" as in liking him? Well actually I have to agree with TT here. Snape never liked Harry. He just protected him, cause that´s what Dumbledore asked of him to make up for his wrong doings


The End of the Dream.
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