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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by gertiekeddle View Post

In which way did he answer? I mean, what could the 'for him' mean, if we try to see it in a way that would suggest that Snape is supporting Harry, but not Lily?
When I first read this and what follows, I found Snape's response to Dumbledore's question rather interesting, as it immediately struck me as being consistant with someone who was trying to evade telling the truth. Including strategies such as; avoidance of giving a direct answer but instead implying an answer; diversion; change of subject. Snape doesn't give a direct answer yes, or no,to Dumbledore's question but implies an answer by asking a rhetorical question. He also diverts the focus away from the question by producing his Patronus which also changes the focus of the subject to Lily. At the same time he diverts Dumbledore's attention away from himself.

This was my initial interpretation of that scene, but I realise not eveyone will see it that way.

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