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Re: Electronic Readers

Originally Posted by _LoonyLovegood_ View Post
it can cost you money over time
I find that I will buy TONS more books when all I have to do is click a mouse. It's just way too easy, you know? Bad for my wallet.
Originally Posted by _LoonyLovegood_ View Post
I can't read certain books on it -- I read a lot of mysteries, for example, and a page-turner just isn't the same if you aren't physically turning the pages. I like to read classics on it, though, which are available for free (score!).
I agree that there are certain types of books that you just want a paper copy of (on Kindle Boards they call them "Dead Tree Books"--nice rhetoric, that--heh, heh). For example, I always want the novels I teach in paper form so I can more easily flip to the quote I want and have the same page numbers as the students. Also, books with lots of pictures or graphics I'd want in paper form. But for most reading, I adore my Kindle.

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