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Re: Rate the Last Film you've seen v.2

Bram Stoker's Dracula- 85%

I guess I'm getting into the Halloween mood a week early...and taking a break from Hitchcock films momentarily

Well, we are reading Dracula by Bram Stoker in my college lit class right now and I thought I'd give the movie a watch too. It was a little weird with some artistic flair and the director took some creative liscense, but overall it was a pretty accurate representation of the novel and it made for an entertaining piece of cinema Keanu Reeves was definitely the lowpoint of this film. He is really not a good actor, IMO

On the other hand, Gary Oldman was fantastic! I never knew he was such a great actor. I mean, yeah he played Sirius reallly well and he was also good as Lt. Gordon in the new Batman films...but those were hardly challenging roles. He completely transformed and became Dracula. Of course, kinda necessary when you're playing an eccentric role like this I thought it was Oscar worthy, but he wasn't even nominated!

Oh, and luckily the film wasn't as scary as I expected (but perhaps those were the parts that were cut out...I watched it on Youtube )

A lot like Sleepy Hollow in that sense, the only other "horror" film I've seen. An overall creepiness, but only a few really disturbing scenes.

That's also about the same score I gave the aforementioned I believe...they were on par with each other. Both great, but didn't love 'em


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