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Re: Rate the Last Film you've seen v.2

Originally Posted by DML1991 View Post
Drag Me to Hell - 9/10
Starts out solid, and keeps getting better throughout it's runtime, and delivers a punch of a fantastic last 30 minutes. It's more of a horror, but it has plenty of the camp of ED2 and AOD. Has some of the cliche's of the genre, but unlike The Evil Dead, Raimi uses them to the film's advantage. Just a plain overall great time. Can't wait to watch it again, which I may do with some friends tonight, it seems like it would be fun with a crowd.

OMG!!! I gave it a 2 in the previous thread. I hated it. My little brother gave it to me and said it was a great movie.

Spoilers included:
It is obvious how it was going to end, no matter what she was very obvious there would be some sort of confusion with the envelopes when the seer put her cursed button in an envelope. It was not scary nor funny, actually IMO it is a pretty ridiculous movie. The only good part was when the goat got possessed, the goat's face was so funny!!!. The part with the woman in the car was so gross, when she bit her in the chin :S same for the parts at the funeral and the tomb: gross

I have no idea who the director is, I guess you have to be a lover of this specific type of movie, I really don't know which type it is, to like it; I have no idea if an average movie viewer will like it.

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