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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by KlausBaudelaire View Post
What irks me about that scene is the editing, it's very very very odd.
One second Dumbledore is saying:'Draco you are no assassin...' and the other 'Draco let me help you!'
Draco replies:'No, I've been chosen,[...] there's the Vanishing Cabinet...' then cut to Dumbledore 'Oh ingenious the vanishing cabinets! Years ago I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices, Draco let me help you (again)'
Draco replies:'No, I've been chosen (again!)'
Then Bella pops up and appears very surprised 'Oh look who's here!'
Seriously! What was going on when they edited together this scene? they skip from a line to another with no sense and connection!
For a moment it looks like that Dumbledore is genuinely scared of Draco.
That's what contributes to the epic failure of the film's climax.
Try to search after Dumbledore's death on youtube. I think you'll find out he doesn't repeat his lines. It isn't the editor's fault, but the writer's that it jumps from Draco talking about the vanishing cabinet to Dumbledore's "Draco, years ago I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices. Please let me help you!" Then Draco: "I don't want your help! Don't you understand? I have to do this. I have to kill you or he is going to kill me."
I don't think he seemed scared of Draco. He felt sorry for him and seemed surprised that he had brought death eaters into the school

Originally Posted by MasterOfDeath View Post
Actually the track 'the book' is taken directly note by note from a OOTP deleted scene: extended Umbridge interrogation of Trelawny. You can see it here:

I loved the soundtrack as a whole, but this reprise was kinda cheap, I have to admit...
Ha, I knew Proud Now I remember the name of the track: "Umbridge spoils a beautiful morning".

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