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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

1. Yes because Dumbledore told him to kill him because of the curse. Snape didn't want to do it, but he did because he knew Dumbledore would die anyway. He was doing a favor to him.

2. I don't think Snape's choices later in his life have anything to do with his parents. From what we gather from OOTP, I think his parents had disagreements about certain things, but they aren't DEs. Tobias Snape is a Muggle, and Eileen Prince is a witch. If she were a DE, she wouldn't have married Tobias and thus produced Snape. His choices start when he befriends the DEs at school.

3. I don't know if Snape would've moved on. I think he would've still been bitter if Lily still married James instead of him. However, if she chose Snape over James, then things would've been different I'm sure.

4. I think he was reluctant because he was wary about making friends. I don't think he would've been interested in her if she hadn't been magical as he made it clear with Petunia that he didn't like Muggles that much.

5. I think Lily was the one who wanted to maintain the friendship the most. At first, Snape seemed to really like her until he joined up with the future DEs and then he forgot about her. She was against this and tried to get him to see sense, but he didn't listen.

6. If Snape had decided to save the friendship, I think his life would've been different. Maybe he would've married Lily instead and had the happy ending he wanted.

7. I don't know if his love for Lily was the reason for his hatred of Sirius. I think he hated Sirius because he was friends with James and made fun of him all the time. I think Snape hated James more out of love for Lily because he saw in later years how they grew close and it made him angry. His murder of Dumbledore is motivated by that love because Dumbledore tells him to help her son. I think Dumbledore knows that Snape loved Lily and felt that Snape should've sacrifced everything to help Harry win, which he did. It wasn't that he loved Harry or had any use for him, but his love for Harry's mother that spurned him to continue acting as a double agent.

8. Honestly, it doesn't change my view that Snape was horrible to them. He had no excuse for Neville, and I'm not sure if he even knew that Neville was connected to the Prophecy. He was just a bully. And as for Harry, I think he treated him unfairly all over a school grudge and the fact that Harry wasn't his son. Then again, I don't know if he'd have treated Harry any differently had he been Snape's son.

9. I don't know about this. I think he was doing the spy work and helped to save Harry's life at the end of SS to pretty much make sure he had forgiveness. I think eventually Harry did forgive him for his flaws and what was done. And maybe Snape figured he needed forgiveness after he was choked by Nagini, but he was too reluctant to really ask for it.

10. I think DD was a father figure to Snape as well as a friend. DD seemed to trust Snape immensely and was convinced he was on the good side rather than on the bad side.

11. I haven't really read any interviews, but I think that Rowling knows what she's talking about as she's the one who created Snape's character. So, yes, I agree with her.

12. His desire to hold grudges rather than to let them go and the fact that he seemed like such a complex character and we didn't know what his true motives were until the final book.

13. Strengths: Bravery, willingness to protect others, excellent Legilimens, really convincing spy. Weaknesses: Inability to let grudges go, follower of the DEs in his schooldays, and bitterness over certain things.

14. I would say that Snape is complex which makes him interesting. I'd say that Snape is not who he seems to be and that no one should judge him too harshly until the end.

"It is our choices that show us who we truly are far more than our abilities." -Albus Dumbledore.
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