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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.5

I agree that he was too introverted to feel comfortable socializing and that he knew he wasn't good at it. It seemed it took time to get his nerve up to approach her and Snape felt frustrated when it didn't turn out like he had hoped.
If Lily was a muggle, I don't think he would have put the effort into trying. He would have assumed Lily was like other muggles he knew (like his dad) and Snape would have never let his guard down.

How would Snape's life have been different if he had managed to save their friendship?
In order to salvage the relationship, Snape would have had to ditch his DE friends. If he had, at least they would have been friends and perhaps more (I think I remember reading a JKR quote from an interview stating that Lily may have grown to love him romantically if Snape hadn't been so blinded by the dark arts). He would have kept his head down in his house and he would have been alone (aside from Lily) but after graduation, his life would have been so much better. He could have reached his potential intellectually and socially.
Just my opinions of course
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