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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

when he was screaming at Harry after killing Dumbledore, he was still taunting the boy he'd helped to make an orphan about his father being a terrible person.
The screaming was more focussed on telling Harry to keep his 'mouth shut and mind closed', IMHO. And, although I don't have the exact text on me right now - he only blocked Harry's curses at him until Harry called him a coward - right after he was forced to murder his friend, philosopher and guide for the cause! That's a bit too much to take for anyone. And even then he lost control only for a moment, before he got back on the advice track - although, knowing Harry, he only looked at it as another insult. JMO.

When I first read the tower scene - when Snape AK's Dumbledore after Dumbledore's 'Please Severus...' - I only interpreted it as Snape fulfilling an order. It was only later that I realised that many people interpreted it otherwise - that Snape had, as Harry and the other suspected - turned to Voldemort's side. So, to me, that Snape got ****** at Harry for calling him a coward was an acceptable reaction.

Removing a few of his more personal memories would not defeat the purpose, IMO. Harry was fifteen, there would still have been years worth of memories to practise Occlumency with.
The Occlumency lessons were less of a 'class' and more 'real life training', IMO - and therefore to make it easier would not really help when what you're going to be facing is much tougher than the worst you'd practice on. Plus - if you ask Harry to hide away the memories that he doesn't want Snape to see, what's left would only be what Harry doesn't care about revealing anyway - defeating the whole purpose of the lessons, IMO.


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