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Re: Collector's Edition

Originally Posted by freelantzer View Post
I have a really big family, so even though I don't spend a ton on each person it gets pretty pricey. Plus I have to get my car worked on this month and take my dogs to the vet for their yearly updates. One of my dogs is on special meds and she has to have all her bloodwork updated; they said that could cost around $100 by itself. So I better wait to buy Beedle.
Your dog is most definitely more worth it. Take care of her first, worry about the book later, and I hope she's alright! The book will still be available later, I bet.

I can't wait to get my greasy paws on it. I have no idea really how big it is or anything (well, I know because JLTucker told us, but I have spatial problems and that's hard for me to grasp) so I expect surprises galore tomorrow.



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