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Re: What would you change about the films?

Originally Posted by Wimsey View Post
What the movies did wasn't very good. However, what the books did was even worse: I'd go so far as to state that Harry+Ginny was written pretty awfully. (Part of the reason why people here had such problems with it 6 years ago stemmed from this, although a bigger part was the "Harmonians.") Of course, romance was far and away the weakest aspect of the HP series: one could argue that if Rowling had written that part better, then there would not have been so many Harmonians.
Mm...I disagree. Harry/Ginny has always been there...very subtle, but there. I don't think it's developed as well as say, Ron/Hermione, but the issue was that Ginny wasn't a main character as Ron or Hermione thus we don't see as much of her as we would have liked. And yes, romance wasn't an important aspect in HP as much. But it's not like it came out of the blue.

I don't really think that there would be less H/Hr fans. Personally, I think that wouldn't change because Hermione would still be Harry's best friend and fans would still be inclined to put the main male and the main female character together.

The movies are a different story, however. There have been SOME moments where you could possibly see H/G, but a lot of Ginny's lines were taken down, and HBP made the relationship awkward...mostly because Ginny's character wasn't as funny and witty as in the books - which is why Harry was even attracted to her in the first place. It's like the only point of her was to be his love interest - not the girl who makes him laugh and interacts with him on a friendship level as well as a romantic one.


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