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Re: The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Okay, just checking in to let you know that I'm okay. I had to move out of my apartment on March 30, which is why I haven't been around. I had an April 4 flight, but I missed my plane last night. I'll have to catch the next one out this evening, so I'm technically "stuck" in Tokyo. I had to stay overnight in Narita Airport.

I will be stateside early Wednesday morning (as opposed to early Tuesday morning). I'm going to be very busy. I had already planned to leave here April 4, then I found out that my sick uncle passed away Friday. The funeral is Thursday. I'll fly to DC, then rent a car to drive home to Richmond, VA, and then rest for maybe an hour or so from the drive, and then have to head back to the airport (in Richmond) to go straight to Florida. Instead of that one day of rest, I'll only get about an hour. Crazy situation, and who knows how long I'll be down there. My father and I are my uncle's next of kin and I was his only niece by blood.

I left Yamagata yesterday (Monday) morning. Anywho, on Saturday, we were getting south winds, which were coming from Fukushima, but nothing bad occurred. They were doing a deathtoll thing, and it's sad. If my Japanese is right, it's near 30,000.

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