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Re: The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Originally Posted by SSJ_Jup81 View Post
That's a scary thought, their not being able to get it under control. I sometimes wish I could just selfishly leave.
Hi, how are you doing there? Is most everyone in your area calm & not worried about the nuclear accidents?

At least you are more than 50 miles away, correct?

Let us know how you are doing in your area.

Thanks, and stay safe & be well.


I don't think TEPCO has -any- excuse for doing this:

(There are plenty of undamaged Nuclear Power Plants in Japan to get supplies from.)

Radiation monitors not given to each worker...

NHK has learned that Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, has not provided every worker at the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant with radiation monitors, breaking government rules.

High levels of contamination have been detected at the Daiichi power complex following a series of hydrogen explosions that have scattered radioactive substances.

TEPCO says the quake destroyed many radiation monitors, so in some work groups only leaders have them, leaving others struggling to manage exposure.

The government requires companies to provide each individual worker with a radiation monitor when working under such conditions.

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