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Re: Give Blood!

Originally Posted by Always View Post
I've been meaning to. A year ago, I had a stomach ulcer that caused me to bleed internally, and I lost quite a bit of blood. I had to undergo a couple blood transfusions, and the whole experience was pretty miserable but also made me feel quite lucky.

Only problem is it's taken a loooong time to feel back to normal. I still get lightheaded a lot, so I'm not sure if giving blood right now is a good idea.
I don't think you're allowed to give blood after a transfusion.

I was looking on the website to see why people could/couldn't give and it says this under 'couldn't':
You have received blood or think you may have received blood during the course of any medical treatment or procedure anywhere in the world since 1st January 1980.

This is on the UK website.

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