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Re: COS Forums: What's next?

I do wonder if there will be a movement among the members to truly relocate after CoS closes. These forums seem empty even now (more so than before the announcement, in my view), and the alternative forums don't seem overly active, either. I wonder how many users are seeing the closing of CoS as a means to end a chapter of their lives - to wean themselves off of Harry Potter. And also, I know that, to many, the community of CoS is what made it so special, and perhaps many think it can't be duplicated (to which I'd agree, in many ways).

However, I feel that that leaves those of us remaining in a bit of a corner. Where has everyone gone? Do you think we will be able to truly congregate somewhere after CoS? Is there a possibility of a future CoS "reunion"? I know that this thread serves to ponder these questions, but I don't know if we've come up with an inclusive answer yet. But that's the nature of the beast!


A Place to Gather Post-Closing: Please check out the unofficial CoS Students LiveJournal page to keep in touch with CoS members after the forums close:
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