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Re: Is it wierd to have a crush on a fictional character?

Originally Posted by 4_4hugo4_4 View Post

*stabs through heart*

You mean they're not real??!!! *gasp*

Not listening Nanananananana!!!
D'you want a cup of tea to get over this?

I still think (and I have thought about this over the last few days), that the having a crush on a character thing is okay. I think it's quite nice in a way, in that some anti-heroes (or anti-heroines) are less that savory people, so having a crush on them in real life could be dicey. That falls into Harry Potter too. Some of the characters have dark backgrounds and dark motives and liking some of them could lead to badness in the real world. So I must concede that fictional (sorry 4_4hugo4_4) crushes are harmless and fun!



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