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Re: Fan-Fiction Discussion (Including Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)

Originally Posted by lightreading View Post
1) What stories do you like to write fan-fiction for? (Other than Harry Potter)
Er. None. OH! I did a Twilight crossover and had Harry and Ron kill Edward and Bella!
Originally Posted by fattoad View Post
No idea who you are...But I LOVE YOU!
I second that! Heck, I might even read it!

A. Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Questions
1. What type do you generally like to read?

Marauder-Era exclusively. Harry's generation holds no interest for me outside the books, I really don't care to read about wilding ships or how Neville goes on to be the most well loved herbology professor in the history of the school. I also don't care about "the next generation" as, sadly, I find that next gen stories are more often than not Harry's story over again with slight tweaks here and there.

I like the marauder era the most because there's the opportunity to work within the framework of established canon and with known and loved characters, but you can also delve into their psychology and how they ended up making the choices that they made. I like the idea of messing with our notions of who was good and who was bad, for example Sirius is a "good" character in canon but I love the idea of turning that idea on its head in his time at Hogwarts - yes, he fights for the "good" side but that doesn't mean he's not prejudiced or that he's completely accepting of everyone. Extrapolate that out to the other characters and I'm interested in reading that.

2. What do you like better?

For the most part I like storyline fanfic, ones that at least attempt to hold to canon, especially since I most enjoy reading marauder-era stuff.

3) What genre do you like in Harry Potter fan-fiction?

I'll take anything except pure romance :vomit: I'll read anything if it's got a gripping, interesting or creative story or has a plot that hooks me. The problem is that most of the fanfiction I come across doesn't have a tight plot, doesn't stick to a story and leave the extraneous stuff by the wayside because a lot of fanfic readers like the extraneous stuff. I prefer my fanfic to read more like professional novels than like meandering tales.

4) What do you particularly look for in Harry Potter fan-fiction?

Good story and good characterization.

If the story wanders or I can't figure out what the characters want I'll drop the fic. If the characters are cliched or oversimplified I'll drop the fic. I want originality and creativity, not off-the-shelf.

5) What do you not like to see in Harry Potter fan-fiction?

Cliches. Especially cliches predominant in the fanfiction world.

6) Have you written Harry Potter fan-fiction before?

Yes, but very few complete stories and they're not posted online anywhere. I write for myself as the pressure of posting online is too much for me if the story isn't complete.

B) General Fan-Fiction: (All other types of fan-fiction besides Harry Potter)

1) What stories do you like to write fan-fiction for? (Other than Harry Potter)

I used to write X-Files fanfic and enjoyed dabbling in Pirates of the Carribean fanfic, but mostly because I like the time period. BTW, Jack Sparrow is a very difficult character to get right!

C) Other Questions

1) Any Pet Peeves when it comes to fan-fiction?

Anytime anyone in a story calls Lily "Lily Flower". Puke.
Stories that perpetuate the idea that Lily hates James down to her bones.
Stories that perpetuate the idea that James followed Lily around intoning non-stop date requests.
Stories that characterize Lily as Hermione over again.
Stories that characterize Lily as a sex-crazed closet bad girl who can't resist toying with James (the wide-eyed, innocent victim of her schemes)
Stories that characterize James as the sexy, irresistable bad boy with a heart of gold.
Stories that have no plot.
Stories that present the reader with no story question that would be answered at the end; in other words, stories that give me no reason to keep reading.
Stories that don't end but just keep going on and on and on and on and on and on and on...

(If you're thinking this is a long list, it could be longer, it's just been a very long time since I could stomach fanfic and to be honest I've forgotten even more pet peeves than I have listed here.)

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