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Re: Fan-Fiction Discussion (Including Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)

I really used to be into fanfic but its been forever since I've read one. Anyhow, here's what I preferred:

A. Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Questions
1. What type do you generally like to read?
a) Marauder-Era (Marauders and Lily's era): It had most of my favorite characters in it!
b) Hogwarts Era (Harry and Co. In Hogwarts)
c) Next-Generation (Future Generations of kids)
d) Other (explain)

2. What do you like better?
a) Storyline Fan-Fiction (Sticks to the storyline JK Rowling herself intended): I like these types of fanfics because soemtimes they give an explanation for something that perhaps J.K Rowling herself didn't go too in depth with (like what was James/Lily's first date like?)
b) Alternate Universe: I always used to wonder (and I still do) how the HP story could have been different if this or that was different (like... what if Sirius was in Slytherin?). So for me, the AU fanfics kind of answered that question
c) Other

3) What genre do you like in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
a) General
b) Romance
c) Action
d) Comedy

e) Other
I used to read so many of them!

4) What do you particularly look for in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
Something that was well written, with good grammar and spelling. I also liked an appealing story-line; something original. I'll admit, I did have a tendency to mainly read fanfics that were popular/had many views because I figured they would be the best (I bet I was wrong).

5) What do you not like to see in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
Okay, I was picky! I didn't like OOC (out-of-character characters). I didn't like to read a poorly written/planned out fanfic or anything with too much 'fluff'. For some reason, I could never stand a fanfic that had 'the fifth marauder'. Mary Sues really got on my nerves (especially if the MS was the love interest). One thing I never minded though was OCs.

6) Have you written Harry Potter fan-fiction before?
So... I attempted to write one in my notebook but it was lame and didn't go anywhere and my writing was the epitome of amateur (it still is lol) so I never posted it.

B) General Fan-Fiction: (All other types of fan-fiction besides Harry Potter)

1) What stories do you like to write fan-fiction for? (Other than Harry Potter)
2) What do you like to see in General Fan-Fiction?
3) What do you not like to see in General Fan-Fiction?

HP was really the only fanfiction I ever got into.

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