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Re: Fan-Fiction Discussion (Including Harry Potter Fan-Fiction)

A. Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Questions
1. What type do you generally like to read?
a) Marauder-Era (Marauders and Lily's era)
b) Hogwarts Era (Harry and Co. In Hogwarts)
c) Next-Generation (Future Generations of kids)
d) Other (explain)
I like all of them, but I would say Marauder's Era is the best.

2. What do you like better?
a) Storyline Fan-Fiction (Sticks to the storyline JK Rowling herself intended)
b) Alternate Universe
c) Other
Actually it really depends on the quality of the story.
3) What genre do you like in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
a) General
b) Romance
c) Action
d) Comedy
e) Other
Comedy or Romance. Or both. However, I do like really intense stuff like Draco/Harry slash--it's usually awful, but hey, fanfiction isn't good most of the time.
4) What do you particularly look for in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
Charcters that are IN CHARACTER. I cannot STAND OOC--especially when it's Snape or Hermione (my favorite characters.)
5) What do you not like to see in Harry Potter fan-fiction?
Original Characters and romances that include a. incest b. a huge age gap or c. nonsense like Snape/anyone but Lily. *headdesk* *chants* He only loved her he only loved her he ony loved her.....
6) Have you written Harry Potter fan-fiction before?
Yeah, loads. Mostly Snape/Lily, draco/Harry, or Marauder's Era comedy. Oh, and I have a series of Next Generation stories that are actually really good. *is surprised at quality of actual fanfiction*
B) General Fan-Fiction: (All other types of fan-fiction besides Harry Potter)

1) What stories do you like to write fan-fiction for? (Other than Harry Potter)
Er. None. OH! I did a Twilight crossover and had Harry and Ron kill Edward and Bella!
2) What do you like to see in General Fan-Fiction?
Same things as in HPFF.
3) What do you not like to see in General Fan-Fiction?
Same things as in HPFF.

C) Other Questions
You are so organized it's painful.
1) Any Pet Peeves when it comes to fan-fiction?
'Original Characters'. THEY DO NOT BELONG THERE.


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