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Re: Best and Worst Chemistry in the HP Series

Originally Posted by StarsAndShadows View Post
I particularly hated that scene where Snape holds Lily's dead body while baby Harry is bawling his heart out, and Snape doesn't even spare him a glance. I don't know why they put that scene in. Whoever wrote it must not have read the books. It's not at all canon. Snape was not in Godric's Hollow that night. The only people on the scene, just after the Potters' murder, were Sirius and Hagrid - that's when Sirius lent his motorcycle to Hagrid to carry Harry to the Dursleys'. How would Snape have known to be there anyway? I don't see either Pettigrew or Voldemort telling him.
Me too. I canít stand these inventions that their put in the movies that have nothing to do with the books.

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