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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by Kierstoast View Post
I'm sure it makes the experience all the better, but I don't know, I just always loved the character wands. And I have a strict family, so my grandmother would be all "*** did you buy a random wand for?" She just doesn't get it. :P And the Voldemort wand has this handle with a little hook on the bottom and one on the top, andmy pinky and index fit perfectly into them like little slots, as if it were made for my hand. If that isn't the wand choosing a muggle then it's pretty damn close XD I also never saw the birthday wands, I bought mine in the Owl Post. ^^

And yeah, I prefer the waits because of beautiful things to see, and thank you for not using your express pass when the line is only twenty minutes! <3 I love ET!!! And thanks for the advice on line waits later on in the year.

We all have our wayof experiencing things, and I'd've loved to have seen Ollivander. But remember, I was with my aunt and her boyfriend and did not want to subject them to the horrific line. And how strange that younamed each wand I want. . . in exact order! Voldemort, Snape, and Siris. XD
ROTFL... And the birthday wands are in the Owl Post as well, but I understand - the place is a mad house... Surprised no one has been trampled in there rotfl. Well once again I am very glad you had a good time. Very jealous as well xD Hoping to get to go in December...

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