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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by Frogki View Post
lol, Well the next time you get to go, I suggest experiencing everything and everything if you get what I'm saying xD. I understand that it's not really true, but they couldn't make thousands of different wands. Besides that, no two wands are exactly the same. I am fully aware that, in reality, the wands are plastic and all exactly the same. But let's not forget this is a theme park that has a towering school for witches and wizards xD And think, there are different cores in the wands (once again, fully aware that there is no core). I am not going to buy a character wand, because I want a "cannon" experience... I think we were all aware that the birthday wands had copies, we just go with it and pretend they are different because it's fun. But to each and his own, I am certainly happy you like your Voldemort wand, and once again, very happy that you had such a great experience! Sorry to hear about all of those express line people ruining it for everyone else. I don't know if I said it in my last post (and I apologize if I did), but I'm a very big theme park nerd, and I do know a bit how it works. That's why I never use my express pass if a line has a 20 or less minute wait. It backs up the regular line for absolutely no reason, and you can easily miss out on some things using express (if you've been in the regular line for E.T. and the express line, you know that using the express pass is absolutely killing the line experience, because you don't get to go through the forest, quite the contary, you walk down a totally unthemed hallway). Things are MUCH calmer at this point in time (although when December rolls around I think we'll see lines as long or longer than they were in the summer), and lines usually peak around 45 minutes (Forbidden Journey can go up to about an hour wait).
I'm sure it makes the experience all the better, but I don't know, I just always loved the character wands. And I have a strict family, so my grandmother would be all "*** did you buy a random wand for?" She just doesn't get it. :P And the Voldemort wand has this handle with a little hook on the bottom and one on the top, andmy pinky and index fit perfectly into them like little slots, as if it were made for my hand. If that isn't the wand choosing a muggle then it's pretty damn close XD I also never saw the birthday wands, I bought mine in the Owl Post. ^^

And yeah, I prefer the waits because of beautiful things to see, and thank you for not using your express pass when the line is only twenty minutes! <3 I love ET!!! And thanks for the advice on line waits later on in the year.

Originally Posted by Dan_the_Man View Post
I understand the whole character wand thing, but you really should've gone to Ollivanders. Not just for the chance of getting your own wand, but to see the room, and watch the whole experience for yourself. It is amazing getting chosen though. Everyone watching you wreak havoc with the inappropriate wand. It's delightful. I got a rather plain wand, but I love it all the same. Hawthorne, pheonix feather core, 13 inches. Wonderful. - When I went, they didn't have the best character wands such as Voldemort, Snape, Sirius, etc., they were all sold out!! Ah, well. I wouldn't have bought it anyway, as I had my wand.
We all have our wayof experiencing things, and I'd've loved to have seen Ollivander. But remember, I was with my aunt and her boyfriend and did not want to subject them to the horrific line. And how strange that younamed each wand I want. . . in exact order! Voldemort, Snape, and Siris. XD


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