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Re: The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Originally Posted by SSJ_Jup81 View Post
I'm not sure what's going on now as far as the nuclear stuff, but I'll probably learn more about it by tomorrow and if there'll be evacuations and all that. Still scary that I'm about 50 miles from Fukushima ...
I am concerned for our CoS member noted above. I would be very concerned about radiation exposure if I was living where she is... just a simple change in the wind direction could be dangerous.

Though, it seems she may be ok for now with the wind direction. Just make sure you're not downwind of those nuclear plants.

Originally Posted by flimseycauldron View Post
IMHO, if they are telling people to stay inside and making their residences airtight then the radiation levels are way too high. Add the fact that they are checking food for contamination and that, too, reflects dangerous levels of radiation. I don't think that is scaremongering.

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