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Re: Pitchside: Halftime Chat v.40

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

I got a gift card for Barnes and Noble (decided to get a book) from a friend of the family.
A few weeks ago I bought tickets for my Mom and I to see Taylor Swift next summer.
Then I bought tickets to see Les Miserables on opening day/night.

Originally Posted by Duckiedee View Post
We've got a list lol. It all depends on if he can get back into U of I or not. If not, then we will move because we'd have nothing tying us here. Right now we're researching Oregon lol. California, Washington, Colorado, Texas, and Tennessee are all on our list too lol.
CALIFORNIA!!!!!!! Or Washington or Oregon

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Today at Starbucks I had them write Primrose Everdeen on my cup. When it was ready and the barista called it out I yelled, "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" took my cup and left.

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