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Re: Pottermore v.11

Originally Posted by katielouise View Post
I am so annoyed. I was just brewing a potion, and this came up:
I did not change my computer settings at all. In fact, I've been reading through posts on here for the past hour waiting for the potion to brew.
I was using a copper cauldron, so now if I want to use one again, I'll have to buy another!

Has anyone else had this problem before?
I'm so confused, I don't know what it thinks happened to my computer but I definitely didn't change the settings!
I had that exact same thing happen to me last week. I had finished the first step of Sleeping Draught, left it to brew, and then didn't even work on that computer for awhile. When I came back my copper cauldron had exploded and the message was that I tried to speed up the process. I sent a complaint to the the Pottermore help people because it is obviously a glitch. They replied that they got my complaint, but they haven't responded with an answer yet.

I'm sorry to hear that the problem still exists.

Pottermore reinstated the time outs for Dueling again. I was just dueling and got the message that I exceeded the dueling limit. They haven't had the limits on for a long time. To tell the truth I'm glad they brought them back. Sometimes it seems like the top scorers dominate there, and it is hard to get to duel other people.


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