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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by Daggerstone View Post
Yay, a game!

Snape is.... *checks questions one by one*

"Just an unjust glittering florist Black who causes kinky halluciantions while he collects frog brains and crocodile hearts for enemies, moderately historically associated with Spice Girls and therefore we should slap him silly?"

I think there might be something wrong with that checklist of yours, Kitty...
I don't know Dags.

When I use the checklist I just come up with a bittersweet story about a poor boy who made some really stupid decisions, one of which led, in part, to the death of his best friend.

After that, he turned his life around and spent the rest of it trying to make up for the wrongs he had done.

While he presented a cold, aloof, nasty nature to the outside world, inside he held a deep and lasting love for someone he knew he could never have.

He risked his own life, and, eventually died, trying to help bring about the downfall of evil and save the Wizarding World.

He was great in some ways, and terrible in others; a grown man who was a highly accomplished wizard, but who could not let go of the baggage from his childhood.

But, he was brave and loyal and, without him, the hero of the series would have been dead half way through the first book.


I held you in my arms, although I knew that death
Had already taken you. I held you close, hoping for a faint heartbeat or breath
To prove me wrong.
But, you were still, and could not hear or see
My grief, my tears, my heartbreak knowing that the rest of my life would be
Spent without you.
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