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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Looking at the title of this thread, "Severus Snape: Character Analysis," and, having posted on this thread for some time now, I thought I'd find out what "character alalysis" really is, and apply it to Severus, to make sure I'm doing "analysis" and not just being defensive of him, since he's my favorite HP character.

Definition: character analysis, a systematic investigation of the personality of an individual with special attention to psychologic defenses and motivations, usually undertaken to improve behavior.

10 steps to doing character analysis:

1) Pay attention to the character’s ethics. Does the character make just or unjust choices?

2) Decide whether the character’s actions are wise or unwise.

3) What is the character’s motivation? As you are mulling over the pros and cons of each character’s internal thoughts and external actions, you will want to also consider why the character is acting or thinking in a particular way. Has the author given you any clues about the character’s past?

4) Consider the effects of the character’s behavior on other characters.

5) Look for repeatedly used words that describe the character. Those words often give insight into a character’s psychology and motivations.

6) Be aware of items associated with the character. They may say something about his or her state of mind.

7) Read between the lines. Often what a character does not say is as important as what he or she does say.

8) Is the character “flat” or “round”? A character is considered flat (or static) when he or she does not experience change of any kind, does not grow from beginning to end.

9) Consider the historical time period of the character. Refrain from making modern judgments about the past; put the character’s actions and thoughts in context.

10) Finally, what does the author think? Look for any of the author’s own judgments about the characters he or she has created. The author may be directing you toward an intended interpretation.

I think if we look over these and just do character analysis of Severus instead of trying to cast blame or determine whether he is inherintly good or bad, we might not get as bogged down as we do sometimes. If a poster states an opinion or perception, I think we should be respectful of that. If we disagree with it, we can say so, but, not in a way that challenges them to defend it.

There are many, many of us who enjoy this thread a lot and would hate to see it closed down again because we get stuck in the same old ruts.



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