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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

boushh;5662968]They outweigh them for me because they happen after his supposed bad deeds. How is one supposed to change for the better if their good deeds don't count?

As I said, what we know of Snape is that he joined the DEs and he was a spy for Voldemort. We know that he managed to get out of getting his hands dirty for the DE cause... he "watched people die" he did not kill, he at one time felt wizards were better than muggles and was brainwashed into following the party line about muggleborns, and he was mean teacher. He delivered the prophecy to Voldemort and was partially responsible for the deaths of James and Lily. He was indifferent at one time towards the lives of other people.

The only thing that applies to the adult Snape that we see for the majority of the series is that he was a mean teacher. He put his life on the line time and time again for the good side for approximately 17 years. Yes, at first it was to protect Harry, but it became more than that since he set that aside to work for the good of the WW rather than just in the name of protecting Harry for Lily's sake. I think gradually he became a better man who returned to the good side.
Well we do have to deduct from that 17 years the ten years he spent at Hogwarts before Harry arrived at the school and the 3 years before Voldemort returned, add to that the year after he gave Voldemort the Prophecy. So he spent about 4 years spying for Dumbledore and another year as Headmaster. Dangerous work, no doubt and no one ever said he wasn't brave. But just as Macbeth was brave and he was a despicable man who murdered his way to the top.Snape's bravery is not exactly a ringing endorsement of his being a decent human being. I don't know if we can say for sure that he never got his hands dirty as a DE. The only one who says that he didn't is Bellatrix and I am inclined not to take her word as the final say on the matter. I wouldn't trust Bellatrix if she said the sun rises every day.
I would say that he was a man who tried to become a better man. Perhaps the trying is all we can ask for.

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