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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.3

Originally Posted by giftedkid527 View Post
I'm not saying someone can't change. I'm just saying that when we are looking at Snape, the person, we are looking at the body of work for judgement, not just the last 10 years of his life. The good deeds count, but why do the bad ones disappear? If you were having a draft for "guys you'd've wanted to meet when they turned 10, and whom you'd've wanted to be best-friends with for the remainder of their lives", I think Snape would come in wayyyy far down, because of the time from age 11 to age 22.

"Brainwashed" into thinking muggleborns weren't as good? Would you, then, agree that Voldemort was likewise "brainwashed", and is thus not a bad guy after all?

I just don't see how you can put someone with all that blood on their hands in the good category.
I don't believe he was an bad eleven year old. Sorry. I don't put him in the same category is Voldemort. I also wouldn't say Voldemort was influenced by other people that built on some of his insecurities and existing prejudice. That is what happened to Snape...

So please don't try to twist my words and imply I mean something else. I'm really not interested in having to explain myself over and over again. I am not on trial, nor is this character...

I also never said his bad deeds disappear nor am I making excuses for the character. However, I do think someone can work to make up for the mistakes they have made... that's the point of his character. If one can heal a torn soul by feeling deep remorse, then I think Snape's remorse for the part he played in the deaths of the Potters, and for the other things he did as a DE should count for more. As should all the work he did for the Order and for Harry.

I'm just going to agree to disagree because I don't see the point in continuing this at this time.

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