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Re: The Deathly Hallows Movie(s) v7.

I think the International Trailer will be released in mid-September and the main Theatrical one will be released in early October.

Now, concerning DHPt1, I am worried about the Grimmauld Place scenes.
In the book this was one of the most detailed-and boring-parts. I hope they stick to very basic scenes like:
-Entering Grimmauld Place and facing Dumbledore's ghost
-Talking about the Wedding Attack and falling asleep
-Harry searching for Sirius' room and finding Lily's letter
-Finding R.A.B.
-Kreacher's Tale
-Harry's dream of Voldemort & Death Eaters surrounding the house
-Mandungus Confesses.

I don't think we need to see all those scenes with the three of them planning to infiltrate the Ministry. The Fletcher confession sequence must cut to the three of them in London going to the Ministry. That way the audience won't know what they're doing exactly, what their plan is.
And about the Hogwarts and Snape news, I feel we'll see all that when the Trio is on the run, probably shortly after the Ministry heist.
Finally, concerning the Lupin VS Harry argument. I think it was established in HBP when Lupin and Harry had this brief argument about Snape's loyalty. But I have a feeling that we'll see this argument at the Burrow. I remember a set report mentioning that Harry and Lupin go to the wedding tent quite late. This suggests that maybe they have their argument outside at the Burrow reeds/field/whatever. And that would benefit the flow of the film, IMO.
I don't know why but I just don't want the film to drag. The Grimmauld Place and Camping sequences were definitely the slowest ones. From what we've seen the Camping scenes are a lot better than what we expect (lots of landscape shots, travelling, chases and action sequences here and there), but the Grimmauld Place scenes need to be extremely tight or else the dynamic of the first sequences of the film (Dark Lord Ascending, Seven Potters Battle, Dumbledore's Will, Burrow Attack) and this intense feel of urgency will be lost.


Yeah the first film ends when Voldemort takes the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's tomb.
Furthermore, Dan Radcliffe pretty much confirmed how Part II starts. He mentioned that PtII begins with a heist sequence leading to the epic war at Hogwarts. So he probably means the Gringotts sequence.
So the climax of Part I will be:
-Going to Xenophilius and learning about the Deathly Hallows
-Battle at the Lovegoods House and surrounding Grounds
-Trio talks about the Deathly Hallows
-The Snatchers Chase and the Capture in the Woods
-The Malfoy Manor Confrontation & Voldemort at Nurmengard
-Apparating at Shell Cottage & Dobby's Burial
-Voldemort punishes the Death Eaters and goes to find the Elder Wand at the Hogwarts Grounds.

Quite a great climax if you ask me.

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