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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
We know that Snape visited Lily's house because Petunia was upset that he might have gone into her room and seen her letter to Dumbledore. Snape told Lily that he wondered how Muggles could write letters to Hogwarts, and figured there must be wizarding spies at the post office who intercept the letters. I think that's pretty cute that he was trying to figure out of these mysteries of the Muggle/Wizarding world at the age of eleven, and that it involved spies!
I always thought it was downright cheeky of the pair of them to go snooping in Petunia's things and reading her letters.

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I disagree. I think it was because Snape knew how wrong he had been that he came to stay the night if necessary to apologise to Lily.
He came to apologise because he'd upset Lily, imo. I don't think he recognised that she was humiliated and devastated by what the word means, more than by the word itself. This was something a simple apology wasn't going to change - he apologises for using the word, not for the attitude behind it. She had no reason to accept him back while that was still his view.

I may have understood your post wrongly, but I feel this implies that Snape had been disrespecting her all the time and she had been taking it until he said Mudblood. I disagree. I don't think Snape disrespected Lily at all, except for that one time, for which there is no justification, but something which I can understand.
I can't see what is understandable about using racist language.

If it was the former, I can understand it better, for the indignation/anger is about the fact Snape got angry enough to swear at her and for Lily that was unacceptable from a person she thought was her friend.
It's not just swearing, it's worse than that. This is the worst racial slur in the wizarding world, it implies someone is beneath you and inferior because of their blood. I think it seems like trivialising the seriousness of it to reduce the word to the level of regular swearing.

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
Then, those things (calling Muggleborns names, his fascination with the dark arts) which had not been important until then, suddenly took a different colour IMO.
That could be interpreted as Lily coming to her senses about Dark Magic and prejudice.

Or, as has been suggested before, she didn't find out about his use of the word until after the Mudblood incident. Perhaps her other friends or others in Gryffindor let her know that it hadn't been a one-off.

I disagree. I don't think Snape ever took Lily for granted. I think he loved her too much and respected her a lot to do that.
He loved her, yes. But at that point in time, he didn't respect her. How could he respect her when he considered her a Mudblood? Seeing someone in that way doesn't show anything like respect.

Originally Posted by CurseCruciatus View Post
The strained frienship between Lily and Snape was bound to break at some point. One was going down a Death Eater's path, and the other was totally against Dark Magic and had a very non-DE future ahead of her. However, I highly doubt she had been waiting for an excuse to end the friendship, it seemed to me like she valued it very much. I think she definitely cared about Snape, as she repeatedly advised him against the path he was going down, and I'm sure she meant well. She tried to show him what was right and she remained friends with him for quite long, when she had plenty of opportunities to end things before to SWM incident. I think that shows she did value their friendship very much and only ended it because she knew that it couldn't continue the way it was.
I always see Lily's advice to Snape as being similar to trying to persuade a friend not to become involved in drugs or crime. That's what a good friend does.
And it's not a matter of "Lily not accepting Snape's choices of something different" - becoming a vegetarian is a fair lifestyle choice, converting to a different religion is a fair lifestyle choice, supporting a political party is a fair lifestyle choice. Supporting the sentiments of a group of criminal terrorists is not an acceptable lifestyle choice, it's the kind of thing any decent friend would try to talk someone out of. Eventually however, there may come a point when one realises they can't help someone who doesn't accept that it's a problem.


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