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Re: ABC Family's Versions of the HP movies

Originally Posted by TrelawneyEyes View Post
All right there Brattyc, great job again. Just got done watching HBP for the bazillionth time and here comes all this stuff. An embarrassment of riches to be feasted on. You are right about COS on ABC being short (unwatchable) version.
I guess we've just got spoiled by the extended versions. Maybe someday they'll edit back in the rest of the stuff that was deleted...I'd like to see the scene where Petunia admits she knows about the Dementors (the picture of Dudders throwing up in a vase has been around for a while) and the scene where they take on the brains in OotP. Matthew Lewis said he was disappointed that scene didn't make it even though it was filmed.

Just checked Zap2it...looks like Tuesdays don't belong to Harry after the marathon. But I bet it won't be long til he's back

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