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Re: Harry Potter and the Hellfire Potion

Chapter 7 ~ The Final Task?

"Bellatrix Lestrange is the one?" wondered Harry aloud. They had returned to the golden room. He and Dumbledore had just witnessed the exchange between Bellatrix and Wormtail. It had been like trying to look at something at the bottom of a lake, but the words had been perfectly, chillingly clear. Dumbledore nodded, with a sombre look in his eyes.

"But...but I thought Voldemort had killed her!" he stammered.

Dumbledore sighed deeply. "No Harry. He did not kill her for her errors over the past year. He needed his remaining loyal Death Eaters too much to do that. Instead, he destroyed one of the few things Bellatrix treasured - her looks."

Harry knew he should feel disgust for what Voldemort had done, but he could have no sympathy for Bellatrix Lestrange. She's as bad as Voldemort, he thought bitterly; she deserves everything she gets and more!

"I understand how you feel, Harry," said Dumbledore gently, "but we cannot allow hatred to cloud our path."

"What do you mean? I thought you wanted me to kill her!"

"I would not force you to kill again for any amount of harmony in the wizarding world, Harry. It must be your choice. I do not think that ending Bellatrix's life is the only solution. We must simply stop her from bringing Lord Voldemort back."

Harry looked at Dumbledore with weary eyes. After a long silence, in which Dumbledore did not break his gaze, Harry asked,

"How? How do I stop her?"

"First you must return to your body...your conscious self. You must be patient. You will need time to heal - hear me out, please," he said, as Harry opened his mouth to object.

"There is time, Harry. Bellatrix has not yet discovered the ways in which she might revive Voldemort's spirit. You must be whole again in your body or you will not succeed. Am I making myself quite clear?" he peered seriously down at Harry, but his eyes were not unkind.

"Yes sir," replied Harry softly. When will this all be over? He asked himself.

"Soon, my boy. Very soon." said Dumbledore with a small smile. Harry knew he understood and felt a little better.

"But sir - how - how are you doing, you know - now that you're...well, now that you're - "

"Dead? Oh quite well, I thank you, quite well. I am having quite a time catching up with lost acquaintances! And of course keeping up with you keeps me very busy indeed," he smiled again, and Harry knew it was time to go, but...

"When can I talk to you again?" he asked desperately.

"Do not fear, Harry. I am always here..."

And with that, Dumbledore and the golden room began to slowly dissolve, and Harry found himself walking back down that long golden corridor, back to his body, back to his final task...

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