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Re: Harry Potter and the Hellfire Potion

Chapter 5 ~ The Golden Chamber

Harry was slowly walking down a long, golden corridor. He looked up to try and see the ceiling, but it went so high it seemed to go on forever. He continued to walk, feeling like he was being pulled gently along by an invisible force. It felt pleasant. He mind was at ease and he was content to simply drift along. He came to a tall golden door that opened with a soft swish. Harry entered and saw two extremely comfortable looking armchairs. He took a seat in one, and was just peering around for a better look when;

"Hello, Harry," said a kindly voice.

Harry turned back in his chair and saw that the other seat was now occupied.

"Hello, sir," he was not at all surprised to see Dumbledore sitting across from him, though some deep part of his mind did register that this was a bit unusual, even for him.

"How are you feeling, Harry?" enquired Dumbledore, peering at him over his half moon spectacles.

"I'm okay. Very tired...but sir - I - I'm not sure what happened. Where are we?"

"I have brought you here so that I might talk to your unconscious self," Dumbledore began, "You have been through an enormous ordeal. Do you remember anything?"

Harry thought hard, but it was very difficult, as something about this place made him feel so comfortable and relaxed. Dumbledore noticed his efforts and said, "No matter if you cannot. There will be time enough to re-live what has happened to you. But for now, I must talk to you of important matters."

Harry nodded, feeling more alert at the tone of Dumbledore's voice.

"Harry, today you have achieved something that has freed the wizarding world of the greatest evil it has ever known. You did it my boy! You did it!" Dumbledore beamed down at him.

Harry blinked slowly, confused. Then slowly, slowly, so painfully slowly, he remembered...something...what was it? Voldemort...blinding, burning pink light...Voldemort...dead..? Could it be? Hope was blossoming in his chest.

"It is true, Harry." Harry jumped. Did I say that out loud?

"No, you did not. I'm terribly sorry, it is very rude of me to hear your thoughts without telling you that I can," Dumbledore said aloud. "But before we can truly celebrate, before you can go back to your conscious form and reassure your friends that you are alive and well, we must talk of something of the utmost importance. You see Harry, all of your efforts could be undone if you do not complete your final task."

"My final task?" Harry repeated slowly, "what do you mean? If Voldemort is dead, isn't it all over now?" his spirits were rapidly sinking.

"Harry, I completely understand that you have been through quite enough and if there was a way to lessen your burden I would, but for now I need you to hold on to your courage, for you will need every last ounce to get you through this last ordeal."

"What is it?" Harry whispered, afraid of Dumbledore's answer, but desperate to hear it all the same.

"There remains one person with the will and strength to bring Lord Voldemort's spirit back. Your final task is to stop them."

"His spirit? Do you mean like his ghost?" Harry asked, confused.

"No Harry. The spirit of an enormously powerful wizard is much more than a mere ghost. It can rise from the ashes, much like a phoenix, to wreak havoc once more. Only the evilest, darkest of wizards would chose such an existence, but has Voldemort not proved in the past that he cares not for depravity? The unicorn’s blood, the Philosopher’s stone, and of course, the most awful, the seven Horcruxes."

Harry nodded numbly. He could hardly believe this was happening. All this time! All this time destroying the Horcruxes, battling Death Eaters and finally killing Voldemort and he can rise from the grave! Harry wanted to scream in anguish, but the calming power of the room subdued him. He looked bleakly up into Dumbledore's face.

"Tell me who," he asked.

"I will show you. No, no, we don't need a Pensieve," he said, smiling at Harry, who was looking around the cavernous golden room. "Close your eyes, focus your mind...and off we go..."

In a swirl of gold, they disappeared.

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