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Re: The Bravest Man I Ever Knew

Chapter Four:
Close Call
September 7, 1975
...The standard growing potion, formerly known as the Lorem Potion, is a harmless potion so long as it is used properly. Once the potion has reached a sickening soft pink it is safe to use on any animal or plant one desires. The spell Engorgio has the same effect but the spell is preferred when using on humans rather than the spell. Since 1734 Lorem Potion has been illegal to give a human because, unlike animals or plants, they do not stop growing. Jack Smith gave his brother a few drinks of the Lorem Potion and the brother grew so tall and extremely dangerous to the rest of the village. He was exiled into the sky and Jack was forced to visit his brother by beanstalk (also made with Lorem Potion) until the stalk collapsed under the weight of his brother after he tried to visit the village and resulting in his death....

"This is pointless," Severus muttered under his breath and practically threw the quill back into the ink. Normally he didn't put off his homework until the day before classes, but he had been so busy convincing Lily she could have a good time without doing her homework all the time that he forgot to do his own. He couldn't bring himself to finish it right now, but he had Potions first thing tomorrow and he was meeting Lily at the lake for an hour before dinner. Later, he promised himself and packed his things and headed for the second floor where he would be meeting Lily.

When he made it to the second floor he dodged a few of the student's glares and pressed on until he saw Lily at last. She was in her standard black robes and leaving Defence Against Dark Arts with Alice Longbottom, who nudged her head in Severs' direction and said goodbye to her friend.

"Hey handsome," Lily beamed up at him and he took her books for her again. "You were right about studying. I've never had a more wonderful Monday!"

A small smile spread across Severus' face and they began walking toward the lake. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah! I'm so giddy, Sev, I could try out for Quidditch today!"

"But you hate flying."

"Not today! Oh, Sev, I owe you so much!" Lily practically twirled in front of him and her hair whipped around behind her as she did so. She then began walking backwards and watching him walk and laugh at her.

"Where did this good mood come from?" Severus, who normally walked hunched over, was beginning to straighten up as his mood was being improved by the spunky little witch.

"Dunno," she giggled, "it could be because I've been looking forward to hanging out with my best friend all day, or because I haven't felt this refreshed for a class in ages, or because Remus Lupin is absolutely hilarious!"

Severus' walk immediately returned to how it was before and he stopped laughing. Lily didn't notice. "What do you mean Lupin is hilarious?"

"Oh, Sev, not like that," she said, picking up on his implied question, "we just sat next to one another in Defence Against Dark Arts today and I had never noticed how funny he was until today. It makes sense now why James and Sirius get along with him so well. Still doesn't explain Peter though..."

"As wonderful as this story is, Lily, can we not talk about the Marauders please." He said solemnly and they sat down near the lake. Normally they sat under the tree like most students did, but it was taken by a group of studying Ravenclaws.

Lily didn't ignore the request but she didn't bother giving him a proper answer either. Instead she just hummed to some tune and sat her books down in front of her. She picked one and opened it to begin reading about Transfiguration while Severus just sat and stared out at the lake. It was a bit nippy out but it was nice and calming to be out in front of the lake. This sort of weather was a lot better than snow and freezing air anyway.

"Animagi sound interesting," Lily said, not looking up from her book. "I wonder what animal I would like to become?" This time she looked over her book as though she were expecting him to come up with something.

"Who knows," he said, "but right now I think you'd be a prancing doe with the state you're in." He was still sour about the Remus comment. This time Lily caught on and put the book down.

"What do you want to talk about, Sev?" she scooted closer to him and smiled sweetly.

"Nothing really," he answered honestly. There wasn't a lot he wanted to talk about with Lily today. They did a lot of talking this weekend, and now he just wanted to stare out and appreciate the time he had with Lily and the lake, avoiding homework at all cost. His wish came true to an extent. Lily cuddled up with him underneath his arm and stared out at the lake with him. Even to Severus this didn't seem like an incredibly romantic moment. This was something the two of them always did and it was absolutely normal. "So did I really help out with your stress?"

"Yes!" Lily said, pulling away to look up at him. "You have no idea, Sev. I mean I know I will have to do it again eventually once studies really kick in, but right now I really need to focus on what little bit of free time I have left. That doesn't mean I'm pushing them off entirely," she added quickly so she could make it clear studies were definitely important.

Severus smirked to himself and went to resume their position but Lily was already at full speed.

"I'm able to hang out with Alice and you a lot more, I can get some sleep in, and even the Marauders seem a little less annoying than usual."

That was the second time she had brought up the Marauders today with a positive outlook. He was beginning to regret bringing her out of her common room. She must have seen the look on his face because she rolled her eyes and resumed her position at last.

"I didn't say they were tolerable," she added and he relaxed a little.

"Hi, Lily!" someone called from a distance and waved. Lily waved back and then looked back out at the lake.

"I like this," Lily said, "just you and me sitting out here and relaxing. It is a bit cold though." As if on cue Severus put his arm around her more so his robes would cover her up. "Don't you?"

"Sure," he said nonchalantly and began rubbing her arm without thinking about it. What happened next was completely by accident. He turned to kiss the top of her head, a completely common occurrence, right as she turned to look up at her. Instead of kissing her head, he ended up kissing the very tip of her nose. He blushed and released her right away and she began laughing and shoved him gently.

"Careful, Sev! We don't want to give people the wrong idea!" and she continued laughing as his cheeks and ears burned more. What idea could people possibly get from him kissing her nose after seeing them cuddle in front of a lake like they did? "Are you ready for dinner?" she asked and stood up, holding her hand out to help him up. He ignored it and picked their things up, handing her books to her. "What's this?" she asked more out of surprise.

"I don't want to give people the wrong idea," and he walked ahead of her, meaning to show her how upset he was, but instead he added some sort of chuckle and she caught up with him.

A/N: Sorry that it took a while to update this, and that it is such a short post, but I'm tired for one, so it seemed to do nothing but drag. I'm happy with it for the most part, and two, I can't really get to the main bits of the story yet so I need a few things to drag along until I get there as fillers. Something to remember I guess is that they are a sort of journal entry style, too, so I guess it is best if they're not too long . I don't have this completely planned out yet, so I'm hoping it is still working out and you guys like it!

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