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Re: Seeing Other People

Chapter 5 - The Match

Rose and Violet stood towards the back of the Ravenclaw stand, watching jets of red and emerald fly through the air before them.
‘I never get used to watching Quidditch,’ shouted Violet over the roar of the crowd. ‘I’ve never had a clue what’s going on!’
Rose had to admit to herself that though she was able to comprehend the basic rules, her grasp of the game was not absolute.
’10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!’ bellowed the commentator and the whole crowd, spare the Slytherin stand bellowed. She obediently clapped along with Violet. Rose searched the whizzing forms for Scorpius but couldn’t find him. She caught sight of Fred hovering high above the clamour, presumably seeking out the snitch.

‘AND MALFOY HAS TAKEN THE QUAFFLE!’ came the commentators cry and Rose’s eyes snapped back to the game beneath. She saw his soaring through the air, ahead of the other green blurs, with the great, red ball tucked under his arm. She held her breath as he approached the hoops and the Gryffindor keeper squared up to him. Scorpius took aim, but then-


Rose watched in horror as Scorpius plunged to the ground and landed in a heap on the dirt.

‘Ooo,’ echoed the crowd, but their attention was soon averted back to the game, while Rose watched a levitating stretcher take Scorpius off the pitch. Making sure not to be seen by Violet, she ducked behind a group of seventh-years and ran from the stands.
Worries flicked through her head. He hadn’t stirred when he was on the ground. Had he awoken yet? Would he awake soon, or at all? She hadn’t seen where the bludger had hit him, it had all gone too fast. What if it was his head? And then there was a flash of rage. James. James had always hated Scorpius with no other reason than for who Scorpius’ father happened to be; the snide remarks in corridors and jokes at his expense, all undeserved and purposeless. And he’d taken the first chance that he’d had to do some damage. She would not let him get away with this lightly.

She was entering the castle now, and quickly ran up the staircases to the hospital wing. She arrived and Scorpius was already laid out on a bed, his head bandaged. Her heart jumped in her chest. She tiptoed towards the bed.

‘W-will he be ok?’ she asked Madam Pomfrey, and her voice shook slightly.

‘Oh, yes. He’ll be fine when he wakes up. Shouldn’t be long,’ replied the elderly witch and then bustled back to her office.
Rose perched herself on the edge of the bed and looked down at Scorpius; his pale flesh, his glimmering white-blond hair, his calm and unknowing expression. She let her hand move nearer to where his lay motionless. Her fingertips prickled as they touched his gentle skin, but then Rose shook her head, slipped off the bed and walked slowly out of the hospital wing.

Looking out of a window in the corridor, she saw the stands were now empty and the last stragglers were now returning to the castle. Listening, she heard the classrooms buzzing with life and footsteps echoing everywhere. She walked on quickly, still filled with worry, anger and now confusion. What on earth had possessed her to want to hold his hand?

She set off up the stairs to the Ravenclaw tower, hoping that Violet could distract her with light conversation. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw gold and scarlet. She turned to see the Gryffindor Quidditch team heading to their tower, accompanied by a large group of congratulators. Then she saw James grinning.

‘James, what the hell were you playing at?’ she called, and the tall, black-haired boy looked bewildered.

‘What are you on about?’ he asked. Some were turning to look now; Rose saw Lily give her an incredulous look.

‘You aimed that bludger at Scorpius because you wanted to hurt him!’ she snapped, and a few of the crowd giggled.

‘God, Rose, calm down! It’s the game – he was going to score so I stopped him. Why do you care so much anyway?’ Rose blushed slightly, but remained firm.

‘Don’t try and turn this on me. You’ve always hated him – just for being a Slytherin and a Malfoy. You’re so proud to be Harry Potter’s son but you’re full of hate and prejudice.’ James’ eyes flashed. Albus looked very confused and Violet concerned. Even Hugo, small, red-haired and innocent in his second year, eyed her with scorn.

‘Yeah I don’t like him very much; I’m not going to lie,’ James retaliated. ‘He’s smug and proud and you seem to forget that his family are DEATH EATERS! His dad would’ve happily handed mine over to Voldemort during the War and you expect me to be pally with him? And another reason, he’s turning you into this. This isn’t like you – you sound crazy. Look around you!’

Rose did, and saw Gryffindor eyes looking back, hostile and mocking. James turned, ascending the staircase and the others followed. Two girls remained. Lily stepped forward.

‘You need to sort this out Rose, seriously. I’ve seen Scorpius around and spoken to him a few times. He’s a decent guy – and this isn’t him doing this, it’s YOU. Your head seems all over the place at the moment.’ Lily half-smiled, that perfect, beautiful smile that charmed like Rose’s never could. With a flick of her vivid red hair she too was gone.

Violet, remaining, moved forward to hug her but Rose shrugged her off and set off for the library. She knew they were right. She was falling apart and she didn’t even know why. She sunk into a chair, hidden behind rows of bookcases, and remembered the time she last felt this confusion, this pain, this exclusion. It was in the Ravenclaw dormitory 5 years previously that Rose had lain in bed, sleepless all night, her eyes failing to keep in the tears, her mind troubled by the thought of her cousins and friends sleeping happily together in a room of red while she was blue. She was more alone now than she had been then; more alone now than ever before. The feelings in her that were growing and threatened to be revealed would only set her further apart.
She turned back to her History of Magic textbook and tried to think of it no more.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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