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Re: Seeing Other People

Here's an update. I hope someone's reading this - if you are please feed back even if it is only a little message. Enjoy!


The night had been spent in lonely restlessness. The excitement that she had felt about her arrival at Hogwarts had dissipated. She had not gone to breakfast, unwilling to face her joyful and oh-so-together cousins and friends, and now found herself on her way to her first lesson, trailing after the other Ravenclaws and Slytherins that made up her class.

Rose stepped into the Potions classroom for the first time on 2nd September 2017. What struck her first was the darkness of it; for a moment she could scarcely make out the instructions already written out on the great chalkboard at the front of the room. She scuttled in with the rest of her class, none of whom she had yet built up the courage to talk to, for she had been too busy lamenting her new house to really think about socialising. Walking in, she peered with interest at the various vials and jars filled with all manner or obscure and sometimes grotesque-looking artefacts lining walls of the room. Those who had already formed tentative friendships grouped together when they took to their tables, and Rose, left standing alone, took the last available seat between a Ravenclaw and a blond-haired Slytherin.

They waited in nervous silence, listening to the footsteps that signalled the approach of the Potions Master. He entered. Professor Goldstein was tall and thin, with messy brown hair and bright, piercing blue eyes. He was younger than Rose had been expecting, maybe in his early 30s, and though he did not smile there was a calmness to his gaze that inspired confidence.

"Welcome to your first lesson at Hogwarts,' he said in a soft voice. 'I am Professor Goldstein, Potions Master and Head of Ravenclaw House. If Potions is a study of anything, it is of the human mind. It's an insight into the power that the natural resources on earth can have over man, or woman. This is why potions are important, and why I hope you will enjoy my lessons. Seeing as its your first day I'm sure you're all rearing to get involved in your first taste of practical magic, so I thought we should go straight into concocting a basic potion.'

By this point, Rose had decided that she liked Goldstein; he seemed genial and made the prospect of Potions, a subject that her father had long informed her would be dull and unpleasant, sound genuinely fascinating. She felt slightly cheered.

'We will start,' he continued, 'with the Forgetfulness Potion. When brewed correctly, it will cause the drinker to experience temporary short term memory loss, most commonly losing their entire memory of the past two minutes repeatedly for an hour, though stronger variants can have more permanent effects. I have laid out your ingredients on your desk and written the instructions on the board. See how far you can get on your own and ask me for any help required. You have 50 minutes.'

Rose set to work presently, pouring a mix of sliced caterpillars and daisy roots into her cauldron as instructed. Goldstein circled the classroom, occasionally peeking at a cauldron or stopping to offer assistance. It was not long before a small Slytherin's cauldron had started squirting up blobs of thick blue liquid that splashed all down his robes, much to the amusement of the rest of the class. The Ravenclaw beside Rose did not have much more success, his cauldron soon overflowing and spreading a deep purple gunk all over the table. When Goldstein came to correct the spillage, he stopped at the cauldron of the blond Slytherin and murmured 'Very good indeed, Mr Malfoy is it?' The blond boy nodded and blushed slightly. 'You too, Miss Weasley,' he added, and Rose turned crimson.

Rose had not properly looked at the blond boy next to her up to this point, but now realised that she recognised him. It was Scorpius Malfoy. After her father's jokes about him on Platform 9 the previous day, Rose began to wonder what it was her parents could have against the boy.

She longed to ask Scorpius if he was familiar with her family, for she knew little about her parents' lives outside of her upbringing. She and her cousins had been made vaguely aware that their parents had played a role in the Second War, but it had never been clear exactly what they did and what importance it was of, though they had occasionally had inklings that her parents may be downplaying the significance, such as when she caught glimpses of her Uncle Harry being mentioned in the Daily Prophet, or when people looked and pointed when she was out with her family. She had hoped that her introduction to Hogwarts would answer a lot of the questions she had about her parents' pasts, and here, in the form of Scorpius Malfoy, she saw an opportunity for information that had previously been denied her.

'S-Scorpius Malfoy?' she asked. The blond boy nodded, scarcely looking up from his cauldron. 'Erm… this is probably odd, but I think our parents know each other, or something?' He finally removed his eyes from his work and shrugged his shoulders.

'Probably, everyone knows your lot, don't they? I suppose something must have gone on, but my father doesn't like to talk about your family much, or the War,' his tone was not rude, precisely, but there was a slight coldness to it. It made Rose feel stupid and brazen for starting the conversation, though Rose felt a spark of excitement at the prospect of a person outside of her own family knowing her confusion.

'Was your dad important to the War too then?' His features darkened slightly and he shrugged again.

'Look, I already told you, he doesn't talk about it. How am I supposed to know what happened? You don't; why should I?' He snapped and turned back to his potion without another word. Rose was torn between being offended and confused, and settled somewhere between. She too turned back to her work and the pair did not exchange a word for the rest of the lesson.

Soon Goldstein called the lesson to a halt, summarised that their work had largely been a success and dismissed them. Upon this dismissal, Scorpius left the classroom hastily, making sure not to catch Rose's eye. She resolved that her father probably had good reason to be far from fond of the Malfoys. With this, she set off to Charms, again alone, refusing to give the boy another thought.


'You're too old to be so shy'

~Rose and Scorpius' story about love~

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