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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Originally Posted by arithmancer View Post
-His talents/abilities/accomplishments. Does Snape believe he has any talents? What is his own opinion of his accomplishments? How does he feel about these things?
I think Snape valued learning and such accomplishments. We hear him on his first journey to Hogwarts expressing a preference for being "brainy" over "brawny". As a teenage student he spent some of his spare time improving potions and creating spells, which he wrote up in his potions book. And, at some time learnt Occlumency to a level that he could fool Voldemort. So, taking this into account, I would say that as Snape worked hard at being accomplished, that he would have probably recocognised his own talents and abilities.

However, the fact that he survived being close to Voldemort for such a long time, suggests to me that he also knew his own limitations. As he said to Harry during Occlumency lessons when Harry mentioned the name of Voldemort; "Dumbledore is an extremely powerful wizard," Snape muttered. "While he may feel secure enough to use the name…the rest of us…"

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