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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.4

Great questions arithmancer.

Originally Posted by arithmancer View Post
His talents/abilities/accomplishments. Does Snape believe he has any talents?
I think he knows he is very intelligent and clever, but without the arrogance that usually accompanies that kind of knowledge. He does not deny his intelligence or advertise his intelligence but neither does he hide it deliberately.

What is his own opinion of his accomplishments?
Comfortable and confident imo.

How does he feel about these things?
Same as above, but I would also add that he was eager to learn more about anything that interested him, and was not averse to knowing about everything in general. He liked knowing things; very much imo.

-Beliefs - What are his beliefs? Have they changed over time, if so, why and when do we think they changed?
I think his core beliefs were loyalty, honesty and acceptance.

I think he was a live and let live type; a free thinker of sorts; because of his creativity which I believe came from exploring for new things/ideas/thoughts and everything. I think he liked new ideas, but conversely i think he was pretty conservative too in those areas where he was comfortable, like loyalty, honesty and acceptance of another's choices/beliefs/opinions (even if he would very strongly disagree with them). So, he was both conservative in certain areas and very forward in certain others imo.

I am not sure if the basics really changed over time, I don't think they did; I think Snape when he died was pretty much the same person from before he joined the DEs. Joining the DEs imo was an aberration of sorts for which he paid dearly, and so I believe, when he turned away from Voldemort, if anything it must have made him more cautious to watch where he was going, so that the type of mistake he made by joining the DEs would forever be avoided. I think Snape succeeded in doing that.

Are they now, or have they been in the past, important to him?
I think they've always been important to him; I think he valued them and tried to live by them. I also think he succeeded; even when he was with Voldemort, his beliefs never wavered or changed imo.

-Backstory- Snape has a lot of it. What does Snape think/feel about the decisions he has made? Has this changed? Is it important to him emotionally, and does it influence the decisions we see him make in the series?
I think he regretted one of them; joining the DEs. I also think he regretted calling Lily a Mudblood. But I also feel that grown up Snape had come to terms with Lily's choices (I think he accepted it even then) and I think he grew to be comfortable with it. Had he lived I would like to think he would have moved on; he would always think of Lily fondly, love her even as he did all his life, and regret that it ended the way it did; but I think he realised that Lily did not want him and he accepted it. I don't think he was the type to obsess over what was not or could not have been imo.

About the DEs; I think that choice would always make him cringe, haunt him for the rest of his life. i don't think he would ever feel that anything he did would make that decision right or wash away the time he was a DE.

Apart from this, I don't think Snape regretted anything much; I don't think he was the guy to keep looking and living in the past (shocking I know ), but having said that, I also think Snape's past influenced his present and made him vulnerable in some way; maybe certain choices would/would not be taken because of the past imo.

-His physical appearance. Does he like it?
I think initially (when he was very young) he did not, but with the resilience that is Snape, I think he decided not to care, preferring those who would like him accept him for what he was. I think this was a reason why he never changed his hairdo or wear Orange robes with purple borders.

How does he feel others react to it?
I don't think he cares. And with the obvious comfort he takes in the way he is, I think stops people from snig.gering in his presence; I think Snape made sure his attraction was not his looks, but his intelligence and his charisma, which I believe he cultivated and that I think stopped the exclamations of 'Hey you move like a big bat' or 'My god you've got greasy hair'.

Is it important to him, and do his opinions about it affect his actions in the series? Is this something that has changed in the course of his life?
I think his appearance was important to the extent he looked commanding of the situation, he looked in control of himself, and apart from that, I don't think he really cared how he looked (he made a conscious effort not to care until he really did not imo).

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