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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

1. Why do you think Snape was so reluctant to approach Lily? Would he have been interested in her if she had not been magical? There's a lot of theories dealing with Snape, whether he had a "Mudblood" type of hating yet, or not.
However....I think he was shy, and possibly gone through the whole "Love at First Sight". There's not too much to say for this, as I have no idea...

2. Why did Lily accept Snape's friendship? Would she have been as friendly to him if he had not told her about the magical world? I think she would accepted it no matter what, really. Someone was reaching out to her, and she was friendly enough to acknowldge it.
I think him telling her of the magickal world, just strengthened the friendship even more. It left Lily to know a few things about her future, and it satisfied her curiosity. It made her feel like someone accepted her for what she was-and there it was- with a boy she met that one day in the playground.

3. What role did each of them play in the friendship? Do you think it was a friendship of equals? Roles? Like...sociological roles? In that case, I think Their separate houses must have influenced their friendship, quite a bit.
Equals? Nuh uh. However, it doesn't really say anything about this. Wait. Nevermind. Snape saw Lily something way more than a friend. A Love. Lily only saw him as a friend.
Though, it was unequal in terms of being strained. One differing interest, really drove them apart- the Dark Arts. That's all that happened, that caused it to crumble. IMO, I think it could have been something a lot more, than just one simple interest.

4. How did Hogwarts effect the friendship? We see that up until fifth year they consider themselves to be "best friends", despite the house system. Do you think they both worked to maintain the friendship?
See above. ^

6. What was the death knoll for the friendship? Was it Snape's budding interest in the Dark Arts, the mudblood insult or something else? It was definitely the Mudblood insult. It was already strained, as stated above, because I have no doubt the he was in the Dark Arts, before he learned of Voldemort's ring of Death Eaters. Sometimes that happens. People get into something dark, and without realizing it, go deeper.

7. Was there a different choice Snape could have made to save the friendship? Was there a different choice Lily could have made? I think Lily was at fault, based on what I've read in DH, before the Mudbllod incident. I have the same problem sometimes, with people thinking of me. I'm like Snape: I'm currently deeply interested in religions like LaVey's, and even Magick. So Lily really reminds me of some people would look at one interest, and associate you with something even worse. Like being a Marilyn Manson fan-some people call us Satanists in general. Labelling you before you consider yourself as part of a group/religion/whatever. I can identify with him; what he probably went through.
However, I don't think this interferes so much with Lily's character. She simply wanted the best for him, IMO. I think she possibly could have approached him differently with the hatred of the Dark Arts.

However, I think Snape should have definitely not said "Mudblood" in the SWM scene. That just sent the doomed friendship into ending, IMO. It truly hurt her feelings.

8. How would their lives have been different if they had managed to save their friendship? Do you think they might have had a romantic future? A lifelong friendship? Hmmm...I'll have to think on this one.

(all IMO, except for what is in the Canon)


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