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Re: Snape and Lily: Joint Character Analysis v.4

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
@Snape loved Lily :: I think Snape loved Lily. I don't think she was a Lily who took a different shape in Snape's mind or someone who existed only in his dreams. I think Snape loved Lily despite her faults (the biggest one and one unforgivable IMO being the lack of concern when she meets Snape for the first time after he was nearly killed); loving her for what she was, rather than for what he wanted her to become IMO.

I think until their 5th year, Lily too loved Snape in the same way, maybe the only difference being, Snape loved her more than a friend while Lily loved him as her best friend.
I think Lily's biggest fault was giving her friend the benefit of the doubt for so long. She gave him the benefit of the doubt even after he had been so stupid as to try to investigate the tunnel after all of DD warnings to the students. His ingratitude toward James for saving his life is unbelievable and his insistence on clinging to and ignoring the basic fact that James did indeed risk his life to save his is frankly, incredulous. Lily did not have to be concerned about his safety when she meets him after the incident. He certainly does not want her to ask about what happened. He is standing there whole and hearty and defending his friends against the charge of using Dark Magic. Lily brings up the matter of his ingratitude and he turns around and says that James is the guilty party. Talk about believing what you want against all common sense, this is the clearest sign that Snape's mindset was not healthy as a teenager.

As already discussed over on the Snape thread, Snape's ability to produce the same Patronus as Lily is not proof positive that he was a nice guy. He needed a happy memory and for all we know his happy memory could well have been bullying Neville in the classroom, just as Umbridge's ability to produce a beautiful pure white cat to keep the Dementors in place to torture people in the MOM is not proof that she was a nice person.

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