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Re: Orphan Black

Heh, I can't click into the spoiler because now I'm behind yet another episode!

Anyway, my thoughts on 202:
Spoiler: show
Those poor cops, things are getting more and more confusing, and Sarah abandoning Art at that motel. I need to look up who plays the female detective, because she is just stunning to look at.

So Mrs S did escape out the window with Kyra after all! And then her safety net people attempt to sell her out to the religious cult. And Mrs S has her own dark secrets about Project Leda. And is pretty badass. And she lets Sarah go with Kyra. But then I guess she has to know that her plans were all spilled to the cult. Can't wait to find out more about Mrs S.

Not sure I like Sarah fleeing town. I see her as the main character (even though Tatiana Maslany plays half the other characters too), so I am going to miss her if she is not in the thick of things.

Why do I have the feeling that new progressive science crazy cult guy will be even scarier than the newly departed abusive crazy cult guy was?

Now Alison knows she killed the wrong person. And is falling apart. This can't end well.

Cosima's in the lion's den, but at least she might find out more information using her new position. Loved the coldness between her and Rachel. Pro-Clone just doesn't hit it off with her other incarnations.

Now I need to catch up on 203 before I am behind again!

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