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Pitchside: Halftime Chat v.40

Welcome to version 40 of the Chat Thread.

Please remember that ganging up, non-family-friendly talks, and serious discussions shouldn't take place here. We're aiming for some nice, friendly chatting.
  • Discussion topics like filesharing, racism, (child)abuse, politics and any other serious topic are NOT to be discussed at the Pitchside.
  • Be aware that we don't allow any talk about owning multiple accounts on Pottermore. This is against the rules set out by Pottermore. People who do so will have their posts deleted and will be warned/banned.
  • Please do not post any of the questions from the sorting quiz or the wand selection quiz.

Also kindly put huge images under expanded tags [expand=text]text[/expand] because they are a strain on loadtime of the pages.

Happy friendly chatting!

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