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Re: Questions about the Harry Potter Movies v.2

Originally Posted by MerryLore View Post
Here's one I've been wondering about.

DH2 - Courtyard Apocalypse scene. The trio have just escaped from the spiders and ran between the giant's legs, and then we see them running. At that point, you here a voice scream, "Crucio!" That voice sounds, to me, just like Madam Trelawney's voice.

Was it her, or am I mistaken?
I watched it with the subtitles on (very useful for background remarks!) and it said "Boy: Crucio" so I assume it was a student on one side or the other. It doesn't seem like a spell the Hogwarts kids would have used though, does it?

Originally Posted by BurrowGhoul View Post
Phineas Nigellus heard Hermione explaining where they were and why, and passed the message on to Snape. The attainment of the sword needed to be under conditions of valor, so Snape made sure the condition was met.
Did it actually give any indication in the movie how he knew where they were? The whole thing about Phineas' portrait was missed out but I don't remember anything else explaining it.

Question: What did Harry mean when he said "Let's end this like we began it - together" before he dragged Voldemort off the wall?

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