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Re: Once Upon A Time

Originally Posted by alwaysme View Post
There are a lot of theories floating around about who the "stranger" could be. I have heard the one about it being Rumplestiltskin's son. Also that he is possibly the boy who found Emma on the side of the road. A friend of mine thinks it could be the Big Bad Wolf.

From last night's episode we see that the stranger opens his box to unveil a typewriter. Not sure what the significance is. I can see how it could be theorized that the stranger is one of the Brother's Grimm. It's brought a lot of mystery into the show and makes watching more fun.
I was wondering how him being an author could go with his identity, and if he was one of the Brother's Grimm(or an ancestor?), that would be very interesting.

Last nights episode depressed me. I was hoping that James and Snow would get together, and when I think they will she goes and drinks that dang "cure"! At least the end in Storybrook was good, but that Evil Queen is just creeping everywhere!

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