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Re: Once Upon A Time

I loved Rumpelstiltskin's background story! Its was definitely well worth the wait, and made his character even more interesting. Im wondering if something happens to his son which is why he's so obsessed with children. I also really like how mr gold seemed to know what emma would do and what needed to happen for her to become sheriff. And the look on the mayors face when she told emma she won but had made and enemy of mr gold which is not something you wanted to do.... pure evil! priceless!

Hanzel and gretel seem interesting for next week just not sure how they fit into the story. I wonder if there are ever going to move forward with breaking the curse, or if they are just going to keep introducing lots of fairy tale characters. I know emma as sheriff is a step forward but they still dont even have any idea how to start breaking the curse let alone started to do so really.

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